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Meet Your Wedding Planners

With planners not only covering the widest range of styles but also cultures, Wedesque is proud to introduce our team of world-leading wedding planners. Take a moment to learn more about each of our specialist planners, who as individuals deliver their own style and theme to you big day. Once you make a selection, they will work with you through the planning process, removing stress and anxiety, whilst through the journey ensuring your wedding day is planned to perfection. The best news ... Wedesque offers the service of our virtual planners for free!

Jasper Vintage Guru

Let our vintage wedding expert Jasper transport you and your guests back to the glamour and romance of the jazz era. This timeless wedding style lets you indulge in your love of art deco diamonds, beaded crystal gowns, pink champagne and pinned up curls.

With Jasper’s assistance, you can slip easily between the pages of Fitzgerald’s classic Great Gatsby and create a completely timeless wedding day. Draw inspiration from the period love story of Daisy and Jay (or Carey and Leo!) and with Jasper make all your vintage dreams come true. Together you can craft elegant bridal party styling, lavish floral arrangements, classic era features and the finest vintage reception details.

There are so many ways to create a beautiful day in a vintage style and Jasper has a wealth of experience and enchanting ideas to inspire you. Follow Jasper into the beauty and romance of the 1930’s and 40’s and turn your wedding day into a love story worthy of the classics.

Antique • Lace & Linen •Delicate Florals • Muted Colors

Katherine Funky Themes

Traditional white weddings can be beautiful and sentimental but they’re not for everyone. Our wedding planner Katherine prides herself in her ability to create funky, out of left field weddings for the bride and groom who want to go their own way.

Your wedding is the one everyone is looking forward to because they all know it will be unique and unexpected but also genuine and from the heart. With Katherine by your side you’ll be able to surprise and delight your friends and family with an unforgettable day that captures your personalities and relationship perfectly.

Think outside the box! Wear a costume, surprise your guests with an outrageous theme, hire an unexpected venue or entertain with a daring circus act, belly dancers or Brazilian samba queens. For you, there are no wedding day rules and your imagination is your only guide. There are no limits to what you can create with Katherine on your team. Dream up your perfect day and enjoy every minute.

Unique Themes • Rock'n'Roll • TV & Movies • Gamers

Mary Traditional Weddings

If a traditional white wedding is all you’ve ever dreamed of, let Mary help you plan your perfect day. With a wealth of knowledge, planning experience and a romantic heart, Mary can deliver you and the people you love an unforgettable day.

Think of the once in the lifetime gown, your bridal party full of family and friends, bouquets of fragrant blooms, string quartets, twinkling lights, champagne and romantic slow dances.

For you, it’s the meaningful traditions that make a wedding day complete. Perhaps it’s remembering your grandmother by wearing her veil, gifting your bridesmaids the perfect diamond earrings or capturing that magic moment when your groom catches his first glimpse of you in the vestibule.

Mary also knows that traditional doesn’t mean cliché and can assist to include touches of your own personal style in the finer details of your day.

With Mary alongside you, the only thing left to think about is your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Traditional Wedding • Strong Color Theme • Floral Decorations • Black Tie

Stephanie Modern Stylist

If you’re still deciding between this season’s stunning haute couture McQueen or cutting edge Westwood you’re absolutely one of our modern brides. You’ll find this decision and others along the way much easier with Stephanie, our modern wedding guru by your side.

Stephanie understands what it means to be a modern bride and can create an unforgettable wedding with all the finest contemporary details. Working together you can shake off some of the customary wedding traditions, express your own personal style and wow your guests with the most up to the minute, Instagram worthy day imaginable. You can trust your instincts and push the style boundaries safe in the knowledge that you have the best modern wedding planning alongside you.

Whether it’s deciding on that once in a lifetime gown, choosing a sleek and stylish reception venue, organising modern floral art or selecting on trend cocktail and dining options, Stephanie can help you craft a contemporary wedding to suit your modern love story.

Contemporary • Sleek Lines • Dramatic Lighting • Black * White

Diana Outdoor Expert

For some couples, there is no lavish reception room or elaborate styling that could compare with the natural beauty of a clear blue sky, a spring garden in bloom or a glittering sea. Our outdoor wedding planner Diana is ready to assist in the realisation of your perfect day in the sunshine.

Outdoor weddings are for the wild at heart romantics who love open space and freedom. With Diana’s assistance and expertise, you can create your heart’s desire and treat your guests to a whimsical afternoon in the mountains, a long lunch at the vineyard or a relaxing evening with ocean views.

Perhaps there’s a special place where you met, fell in love or decided to spend your lives together. With Diana, you can transform this perfect place into your dream wedding location. Imagine the way each photo will capture the natural beauty of your unique outdoor setting. Every beautiful frame will remind you of your perfect day for years to come.

Relax and enjoy your wedding preparation knowing you are in Diana’s safe hands. Together you can plan every exquisite detail of your flawless outdoor wedding (including a contingency plan if mother nature’s invitation gets lost in the post).

Beach • Private Garden • Landmark • Unique Space