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A solution tailored for wedding vendors

Based on our experience and conversations with 500+ wedding vendors, across the widest range of product and service offerings, we uncovered four key categories in which vendors could leverage to take advantage of improved sales & profit results.

platform to grow product & service awareness
reliable & consistent quality lead generation
improved sales conversion rates maximising ROI
higher selling price delivering increased profits

Our mission is personal

For both yourself as a customer and our couples as users, the decision to commit to our strategy and planning solution is a very personal journey. Our mission across vendors, couples and community is central in focussing our business to continually deliver positive outcomes.

Our Vendors

Ongoing improvement and development of strategy, delivering knowledge and skills growth, assisting each to achieve their full potential - in a transparent business relationship.

Our Couples

Deliver world first technology that seamlessly integrates, delivering the day of their dreams, whilst remaining cognisant of the trust placed upon our solution in planning each event.

Our World

Not to practise business with the primary goal of profit, yet a focus to leave our environment, society and community in a superior condition than we found it. This will be what we are remembered for.

The world's first virtual planner

Our free planning solution, pro-actively leads couples through their planning experience, re-acting to each planning decision to ensure their journey meets their unique requirements. This allows Wedesque to deliver more couples to your business than any other solution.

250+ Products & Services

Promoting your business

Over 400 planning tasks

Alleviating couple’s stress

Budget & Vendor Management

Full range of planning tools

Available 24/7/365

Meeting millennial’s needs

6 countries and growing

One directory with global reach

750,000+ Unique Conversations

Every plan is bespoke

Information, Inspiration & Ideas

Free digital magazine

Creating hot leads

To your inbox with user details

100% free for couples

Apple & Android App

Every couple wants a planner

2 million+ brides now can ...

Now you have the leads ...

Our Virtual Planner only meets part of your needs.

To ensure maximum return on investment, you must be able to efficiently convert these to customers and of most importance deliver the sales at the maximum selling price. Introducing our Sales Master Class...


Out perform your competitors, booking more weddings faster than ever before, whilst selling at a higher price than you ever imagined.

Take advantage of our 'IGNITE - Sales Master Class' and start delivering the sales and profit results your business truly deserves.

IGNITE focuses on solution selling, helping you to identify customer needs, present relevant options and ultimately convert more leads - at a higher price.

It's time to put a fire under your sales and marketing program.

IGNITE Live Training

We are offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience IGNITE live!

Stewart Cook will be touring 40 cities across USA, Canada, Australia and NZ throughout 2017, delivering the IGNITE Sales Master Class to our vendors.

Only 120 available at each venue - do not miss out.

Online Learning

Move through our 7 step sales process at your own pace. Delivered online and presented by our founder - Stewart Cook, you can progress and review our training modules as time allows.

More Details & Venues

Growing our community

Higher school education for girls has a substantial impact on not only their life, but those of their children and future generations. The opportunity to help change a girl’s life is humbling and we encourage our partners to join in our PROJECT 2750 activities.

We believe girls should be in school dresses, not wedding dresses.

But education changes everything.

$300 changes futures

A full year at high school, including uniform, bag and text books costs just $300, yet can have such a profound impact on a girl’s life and that of generations to follow.

Partner Project 2750

Working with One Girl, Wedesque will donate annually $300 on behalf of each of our vendors who upgrade to a GROWTH package. Our target is to change the future of 2,750 girls through high school education.

Learn More

We are humbled to partner One Girl and encourage you to learn more about their programs changing the future of girls throughout Sierra Leone and Uganda.

Learn about Project 2750

Invest in a complete solution

It is exciting to be able to offer our entire solution, meeting all aspects of our vision, for only a couple of dollars per day. Just $10 per week provides your business with the key components you need to start booking out your wedding calendar and driving sales and profit to your bottom line. Welcome to Wedesque!

Virtual Planner

  • Unlimited Geographic Reach
  • Fully Featured Listing
  • Flexibility to take prime positions
  • 24/7 Vendor Management Interface
  • Live Interface & Strategy Training
  • Weekly Payment

Sales Masterclass

  • Online Access to Sales Master Class
  • Learn how to convert more leads
  • Discover how to sell for a higher price
  • Weekly live webinar follow up
  • Weekly newsletter with tips & tricks
  • Live Training Opportunity

One Girl

  • Support One Girl’s high school education
  • ‘One Girl’ Watermark on search return
  • ‘One Girl’ logo on your business listing
  • Regular updates regarding programs
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"Change before you have to"

- Jack Welch

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